How your Super is creating jobs in Nepal

Developing countries such as Nepal and Kenya are resourced with talented and skilled local workers but few opportunities for meaningful work and fair wages. Your super helps to build innovative connections between these motivated workers and the global economy through the groundbreaking workforce platform, CloudFactory.

CloudFactory, a Christian Super impact investment, helps growing companies engage engineers and data workers to complete a variety of tasks online. For many growing businesses, success depends on their ability to scale quickly when opportunity knocks. CloudFactory’s proprietary “cloud labour” platform gives businesses vital access to virtual workers on-demand.

Founder and CEO, Mark Sears, was struck by the capability of skilled local workers when he first explored Nepal on holiday with his wife. He met three smart young computer developers who had skills and talent but no access to work opportunities that paid fairly. Sears founded CloudFactory in 2008, hiring those same three computer developers. Since then, the company has grown to around 2,500 workers in Kathmandu, Nepal and Nairobi, Kenya.

People at the centre

In a country where unemployment often exceeds 40%, CloudFactory has hired, trained and empowered thousands of hard-working and educated Nepalese.

As a leader in the impact sourcing movement, the company heavily invests into their workers. They help to uncover individuals’ talents, develop valuable skills and mobilise their workforce to serve their communities. CloudFactory centres in Nepal and Kenya have become pillars in the community, driving economic and social impact.

The company offers flexible schedule options, so workers can make time for education, family, and other commitments. Workers are also paid at least 2.5 times the local minimum wage, to ensure they can provide for their families.

This positive work culture and social investment has produced workers like Sumit, who is passionate, community minded and highly engaged in his work.

Community Impact

As well as improving workers’ standard of living through gainful employment, CloudFactory provides opportunities for their workers to give back to their communities. Their goal is to empower workers as leaders in their families and neighbourhoods while connecting them to the global economy.

The company provides regular opportunities for professional training, personal enrichment, and participation in community service projects. Amongst many other activities and education programs, CloudFactory workers regularly engage in cleaning and regeneration projects in nearby neighbourhoods, slums and centres for impoverished children.

With their goal is to connect one million people in the developing world to meaningful online work, CloudFactory is both ambitious and missional. Through intelligent technology and socially-responsible practices, CloudFactory is able to provide a compelling return for their customers and investors, while making a significant positive impact in communities that need them most.

And finally, we managed to track down some individuals who have been directly impacted by Christian Super’s investment through Cloudfactory. Introducing Asutosh and Prassana!