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Super that's changing the world through ethical investing.

Genuinely different

Do you care how your hard-earned super is being invested? Would you like to receive social and environmental returns, along with financial returns? Like sending students to university, investing in hospitals, producing clean water, creating affordable housing, developing green energy… all while avoiding things that harm people and our planet.

Christian Super are ethical investing experts. 100% of our investments are ethically screened based on values we find in the Bible. We invite you to join the award-winning super fund that’s changing the world through ethical investing. Best of all, you can join and switch your super online in minutes.

Together we can change the world!

100% Ethical Investment

Every single one of our investments has been screened to make sure your Super is invested in line with Bible values.

Website updates

You may notice a few changes to our website, so if can't find an existing page use the search function to find it, or call our member care team on 1300 360 907 or contact us

What others say

"Christian Super has one of the highest allocations to impact investing, with a target of 10 per cent." - Investment Magazine

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