2020 Annual Report

We have just released our 2019/2020 Annual Report. In this report you can read all about the fund’s 2019/2020 performance during a year that was dominated by COVID-19. You can also read about our investment returns for all of our investment options, an overview of the fund’s financials as well as some of our impact investing stories.

Our CEO Ross Piper reaffirm’s Christian Super’s approach to investing:

Christian Super is committed to investing our members’ money responsibly and in line with biblical values. All of our investments are ethically screened, and around 10% of funds under management are in impact investments. Unlike other investments such as shares and property, impact investments aim to deliver a measurable positive social or environmental impact, alongside a targeted risk-adjusted financial return.

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Audited Financial Statements 2019/20

To view the Fund’s full audited Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Report, please click here.