8 Impactful Christian Organisations Helping to Make a Difference

Christian organisations are often noted for their amazing contributions to the community and society. In Australia a number of notable Christian organisations have made a big impact on communities around the world, whether it’s through communication, fundraising, or development strategies.

1. Reach Beyond (Australia)

Reach Beyond isn’t only a Christian radio station. It’s part of a global community working to connect with remote communities through radio. The organisation provides healthcare, mobile clinics, and clean water projects. The Australian organisation transmits from North West Australia to the Asia Pacific region in 30 languages, to spread messages of hope to unreached and unengaged groups.

The group’s mission is to bring both spiritual and social transformation in these areas. In recent years Reach Beyond has assisted partners with reaching much of the South Pacific region and raising nearly $30,000 for the Nepal earthquake.

2. TEAR Australia

TEAR Australia aims to improve conditions for poor communities around the world. TEAR works on the basis that God has particular care for the poor and those suffering injustice. In Australia, TEAR is focused on informing and empowering Christians to respond in a Christian way to disadvantaged communities.

The organisation partners with other Christian groups to help communities in countries like Ethiopia, Mozambique, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Successful projects range from food security and health to education, women’s empowerment, and water and sanitation.

3. Christian Media & Arts Australia

Christian Media & Arts Australia’s (CMAA) mission is to make Jesus known through media and the arts. The organisation engages in advocacy and empowers creativity to spread Jesus’s message, by supporting member organisations in their efforts.

Recent achievements include the CONNECT17 Radio Awards, the Faith and Belief in Australia Research to uncover worldview trends in Australia, and its annual CONNECT conference.

4. World Vision

World Vision works around the world to help with community development. Through short- and long-term projects and a team of 45,000 staff, this Christian organisation assists 100 million people in 96 countries.

Goals and strategies include eliminating poverty, emergency relief, policy advocacy, education, and social justice. In Australia, World Vision works with indigenous communities to address disadvantaged areas and to transform the lives of children and communities. World Vision has contributed to major achievements in the fight against global poverty.

5. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s vision and mission is to share the love of Jesus through building communities, caring for people, and working for justice. This Christian organisation works with anyone in need: the disadvantaged, the poor, and those caught in disasters.

Successes include helping hundreds of people find work every week, assisting more than 12,000 homeless people in 2016, and helping more than 3,000 women impacted by domestic violence. The organisation feeds more than 10,000 meals for the hungry each week and provided help to more than 138,000 people affected by disasters in 2016.

6. Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia helps children living in poverty by providing them with medical care, education, and safe places to play. This Christian organisation’s child-sponsorship program has overseen more than 6,000 projects in 25 countries around the world and changed more than 1.8 million lives. The organisation is run efficiently to maximise reach: only 20 cents for every dollar donated is used for administration.

7. Focus on the Family Australia

Focus on the Family Australia offers help to families from all backgrounds to help them thrive. This organisation’s work includes education, communications through radio broadcasting, seminars, counselling, and provision of resources. Focus on the Family works in areas such as binge drinking, drugs, depression, and teenage sexuality.

The organisation collaborates with a range of government, education, church, and private partners to achieve its mission. Partners include other family-targeted organisations like Kids Hope Australia, Southern Cross Kids Camps, and The Babes Project. The organisation provides training to kids and adults to address topics such as suicide, sexual health, drugs, and parenting.

8. The Red Cross

The Red Cross is dedicated to providing help in times of crisis and care when it’s needed. This Christian organisation can be found assisting with disaster relief as well as family or personal crises. Its work includes helping people in remote places around the world with shelter and medical attention, and reconnecting families after war and disaster.

The Red Cross also focuses on disadvantaged populations like children, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups. Providing clean water, sanitation, food, and medical care can support recovery and stronger communities.

In recent years the Red Cross Australia has provided disaster relief for communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston, the Nepal earthquake, and Cyclone Pam. Its successes include better health, education, and community outcomes in regions like the Pacific, Asia, and Africa.

Australian Christian non-profits are often top fundraisers, and their work encompasses a broad field. Focused on communities, families, education, and health, these noteworthy Christian organisations work on both small and large projects to provide assistance where it’s needed.

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