Employer FAQs

Is Christian Super a complying superannuation fund?
Yes – we are a Registered Superannuation Entity, and are open to anyone who is eligible to contribute to superannuation in Australia. Our Choice of Fund letter certifies our compliance, and contains important information about Christian Super.

Is Christian Super an Industry fund?
Yes. See our Choice of Fund letter for details.

What should I provide to new employees wanting to join Christian Super?
Each employee should be given a copy of our Member Guide (PDS). If a new employee is an existing member of Christian Super, you can simply add them to Employer Access and make your contributions as usual.

Does Christian Super provide a superannuation clearing house service?
Yes. To help make payments to multiple superannuation funds easier, our integrated clearing house (SCH Online) is now available through Employer Access. There are no fees associated with this service.

How can I make payments to Christian Super for my employees?
If you are a registered employer, you can make payments via Employer Access by BPAY, EFT or Authorised Bank Transfer.  

Is EmployerAccess a secure platform?
EmployerAccess is a secure platform with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You can learn more about MFA on our Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs page.

Can I update employee details online?
Most changes to an employee’s personal details can be updated via Employer Access.

What is Christian Super’s ABN, SFN, SPIN and USI?
Christian Super ABN: 66 628 776 348
Christian Super SFN: 1242 009 45
Christian Super SPIN: 66 628 776 348 908
Christian Super USI: CHR0001AU

Can I use Christian Super as my default fund?
Yes. You will need to acknowledge that you understand that the Fund operates in accordance with its Trust Deed and Statement of Faith.

What are the advantages of using Christian Super as my default fund?

  • Biblical principles are applied to all investment options and portfolios
  • Easy payment methods – EFT, BPAY, or Authorised Bank Transfer
  • Submit and track your contributions with quick online access to your account
  • Remain up-to-date and informed of changes through regular communication
  • Free superannuation seminars held in your workplace
  • Free support at every step
  • Join over 500 employers already registered with us
  • Your employees will generally be eligible for automatic acceptance by our insurer

How do I update my contact details?
You may notify us of any changes through Employer Access or provide the updated details in writing on your organisation’s letterhead.

Do I have to supply my employees’ Tax File Numbers?
Yes, this a Government regulation.

What is a work test and why does Christian Super need it?
The work test is used to determine if a member is eligible to receive certain contributions. It is part of the Government regulations known as the SIS Act. You can advise Christian Super that your employee meets the work test via Employer Access. Alternatively, your employee can complete an Employment Questionnaire.

Watch our Superannuation Induction Video here