Ethical Investments

Our Ethical Investing Charter sets out the 4 key strategies that our investment team use across our investment portfolio. These are:

Negative Screening

Negative Screening is the process of excluding companies that fail our minimum ethical standards. This may be due to their involvement in certain industries which we consider harmful (e.g. tobacco, gambling, weapons) or because of particular behaviours or incidents that we consider to be significant ethical violations (e.g. human rights abuses, environmental destruction). Learn more >

ESG Integration

ESG Integration is the process of investing more heavily in companies that have good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practises and policies in place.

Active Ownership

Active Ownership is the process of trying to positively influence the behaviours of companies, sectors and governments through dialogue as an investor. This can be done through voting on resolutions at company meetings, making formal submissions to government, face-to-face meetings with company leaders, and so on. Learn more about active ownership.

Impact Investing

Impact Investments are investments made with the dual aim of meeting an environmental or social need, while also generating a positive financial return. Some impact investments that we’ve made, include investments in: renewable energy, microfinance, community infrastructure and social services. Learn more about Impact Investing.


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