Invest in your future

What advice would you give if you visited yourself from the future?

Thanks for watching our video! Our friend Hi Josh has some great advice for himself about 2020. One of his tips is switching to Christian Super.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider switching to Christian Super:

  • Your super will be invested ethically in line with Christian beliefs
  • Some of your super will be invested in impact investments
  • You’ll be joining one of the fastest growing funds in Australia
  • You’ll have access to some great insurance products through your super
  • Your super will be earning competitive investment returns
  • You’ll be joining a profit-to-members industry superannuation fund
  • You’ll be supported by our Australian member care team
  • You can combine all of your super funds into one, and save money

If you’re ready to join and have read our Product Disclosure Statement, click on the button below to get started:

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