Retire With Purpose

Our mission is to equip members to faithfully steward their finances and enable them to have a purposeful retirement.

What do we mean by a purposeful retirement? It is simply the latter season of life where our relationship with work changes, allowing more freedom and flexibility to live out God’s calling. Having a purposeful retirement means being intentional about the way you live out your retirement years. However, you shouldn’t expect this stage of life to look the way it does before you retire,  where aspects of your life might fit into neat segments such as family, work, church, and so on. Our experience suggests that a purposeful retirement will involve aspects of rest, enjoyment and service, all of which can bring glory to God whilst also providing ongoing fulfillment.

While there are plenty of resources available to help people plan financially for retirement, it can be hard to find resources that help Christians work out how to discern and live out their calling in this season.

Here are a few helpful resources that we recommend:

We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can live out a purposeful retirement.

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