5 Simple Saving Tips

It’s not that difficult to save money. Ryan Carter, our Financial Stewardship Project Officer shares his top 5 tips for saving money. 1. Budget and track your spending Budgeting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save. Create a budget to identify and set your financial goals, including how much money you want to … Read more

Nurturing your student’s emotional development

 Teachers have a lot on their plates! Satisfying the rigours of curriculum and balancing the complexities (or chaos) of the school and classroom environments is vital to our jobs. It’s important, however, that we acknowledge the significance and influence of our role in society. Every day we have the opportunity to guide, support, lead and … Read more

Life with seven children!

Some of you may have seen videos of our financial advisor Gavin Martin, but we thought we would ask him about the rest of his life. Read on. What do you do on an average weekend? Weekends start with being a taxi service for our kids and their friends. We have seven kids (five boys then … Read more

Rio… when the Olympics leave town

Like many Australians, I love the opportunity that the Olympics brings to watch the world’s most talented athletes using the gifts that God has given them, particularly in sports that don’t normally receive a lot of coverage. And with this year’s games held in Rio de Janeiro there was the added bonus of getting to see again some … Read more

Cheap petrol – is it all good news?

This morning I filled up the car for less than $1 per litre. I have not filled up the car so cheaply for many years. This is great for consumers, but is it all good news? It was just months ago that it cost me nearly $75 to fill up the 50 litre tank in … Read more

Finding Sophie

We recently filmed our latest video which you can watch here, and then read about some of the challenges we faced! For those who live on the east coast you may remember the infamous East Coast Low that hit on the first weekend of June 2016, right when we were filming our video. This brought … Read more

Investing in people like Susan

Meet Susan. Susan lives in a small village in Kenya. Each day Susan wakes early to walk 2km in order to collect water for her family of 12. So when Susan received her first microfinance loan from Kenya Women Finance Trust, a Christian Super investment through Triodos, she spent it on having a water pipe … Read more

We all need a safety net: Microinsurance

Imagine you own a small business selling coffee from a coffee cart. This business is your source of livelihood for your entire family – food, rent, education for your children and medical expenses. One day, a big storm completely destroys your coffee cart. The replacement cost is over three times your monthly earnings and far … Read more