Free hot cross buns!

Here at Christian Super we are about to celebrate the most important Christian festival of the year- Easter. We celebrate when Jesus died to take the punishment for all of our sin, and then rose again to show he had triumphed over death.

So what do we do in our office to share this message with those around us? We give away Hot Cross Buns! We had a chat to our office administrator (and all-round legend) Jess about our Easter outreach. (Watch the video below)

What is Christian Super doing at Easter as an outreach?

Jess: We will give away hundreds of hot cross buns in Rhodes Corporate Park to tell people the good news about Jesus.

Where did the idea come from?

Jess: Previously a colleague from Christian Super had given away hot cross buns the day before Good Friday. She was only sharing them with people in this building and we had lots left over. So I thought we would try to do it the week before so more people would be around, and we would do it in front of our building so everyone from the corporate park could join us. This will be the third year we have done it like this.

Two years ago we gave away 720 hot cross buns and it was all gone in 4 hours. Last year we gave away the same amount and it was gone in 3 hours. This year we will try to give out 800 hot cross buns.

How do you share the message of Jesus?

Jess: Under every hot cross bun we put a napkin and we also give them an evangelistic tract which explains the Gospel. This year we are giving away a tract called “It’s time to come home” (from Matthias Media) and also the Gospel of Mark. Two years ago we gave out 88 Gospels of Luke, last year we gave away 154 Luke’s Gospels. This year we’re aiming to give away 230 of Mark’s Gospels.

How hard is it to organise?

It is very easy, you just need to organise the hot cross buns and the tracts. It’s actually one of the easiest to organise because you don’t need to RSVP. You can do it anywhere- in the city, in your office or just your apartment blocks. And you don’t need to order 800 hot cross buns, you can start with just a few hot cross buns. I heard that other work places are copying what we do here. It’s great to hear that others have been inspired to share the message of Jesus in a similar way.

How do people respond?

Jess: I’ll share a story. There’s one lady who works in the same building as mine. She’s been coming to our events in the last two years including Easter. In the past three weeks I’ve had the privilege to come with her to a Christianity Explored course where we look at Mark’s Gospel. It’s just amazing how she said, “It’s good that I get a clearer idea of who Jesus is!” It is rewarding when people want to find more about Jesus.

And finally, what is your favourite type of hot cross bun?

Jess: That’s so hard! I would say between traditional fruit or chocolate, but if I had to pick one I would have to go with chocolate!

Watch the video: