We were a top performer in 2021/22!

Due to market volatility, the average balanced super fund delivered a negative 3.1% return in the 2021/22 financial year. We’re pleased to report that our My Ethical Super product was one of the top three performing balanced funds 2021/22, and delivered a positive return.

One of the top three performing balanced funds in 2021/22

Most Christian Super members are invested in our default My Ethical Super product. In the 2021/22 financial year, My Ethical Super delivered investment returns of 0.5%, making it one of only three balanced funds to deliver positive returns during the last 12 months.

Top 10 balanced options over 12 months*

Rank Option Name 1 Year % 10 Year % pa
1 Hostplus – Balanced 1.6 9.7
2 QANTAS Super Gateway – Growth 0.6 8.1
3 Christian Super – MyEthicalSuper 0.5 7.9
4 legalsuper – MySuper Balanced -1.0 8.3
5 Australian Retirement Trust – Super Savings  – Balanced -1.0 9.0
6 Energy Super – Balanced -1.2 8.1
7 Aust Catholic Super & Ret – Balanced -1.2 7.8
8 CareSuper – Balanced -1.7 8.7
9 HESTA – Balanced Growth -1.8 8.5
10 TelstraSuper Corp Plus – Balanced -1.9 8.5
  SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index -3.1 8.1


Super is a long-term investment, so we encourage people to look at longer timeframes. However, we made some changes to our investment strategy in recent years, to respond to changing economic and regulatory environments, so we sometimes talk about our recent performance as it most accurately reflects our current investment approach.

You can view investment returns for all of our superannuation and pension investment options here.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

* Source: SuperRatings. A balanced fund is defined as having 60-76% in growth assets.

Note that some Christian Super members invested in My Ethical Super may have received negative returns in 2021/22, due to the unit price of the product at the time their contributions were received. Annual investment returns are shown on the front page of Annual Member Statements as ‘Investment earnings’. They can also be viewed in your online MemberAccess account under ‘Transaction History’ (note that investment earnings are labelled ‘Interest’ in MemberAccess).